(developmental milestones)

-The parent's often wonder……. what to expect next &  how to know if their baby's development is on target?
-Comparing your baby to other babies should be avoided, because no two babies develop at same pace. For example, one baby may say their first word at 8 month while other's don't talk until a little after the 1 year. Keep those kinds of variation in mind. There's what your baby maybe doing each months at first 3 years.

The first month :

During this month most of a baby's behavior is reflexive, meaning that his/her reactions are automatic:-.
1-Mouthing reflexes:  this helps baby find the source of food:

  • The sucking & swallowingà a baby will automatically begin to suck when their mouth is touched.
  • Rooting reflex à a baby turns his head toward your hand  when their cheek is touched.
  • This reflex begins to fades around 4 month.

2-Startle reflex(moro): A baby's arms & legs extend away from his body when he hears a loud noise or he falls back ward. This reflex fades by 2-3 months.
3-Grasp reflex : a baby will grasp a fingers or object when it is placed in the palm of her hand. This reflex fades by 5-6 months.
4-Stepping reflex:  if baby's feet are placed on a flat surface he will begin to step one foot in front at the other. this reflex fades by 2 month.

*by the end of this month most babies may display the following:

  • symmetrical movements when on bake.
  • Head flat or raised for few second when on stomach.
  • Keep hands in tight fists.
  • Focuses 8-12 inches away looks at objects & faces.
  • Regards faces.

From 2 to 3 months:

  • At this age the baby's vision changes dramatically, he becomes more aware & interested in his/her surroundings.
  • a baby might follow a moving objects , recognize familiar things & people at a distance.
  • at this age babies usually turn toward familiar voices & smile at their parent's faces or other familiar faces.
  • they also begin to coo (make musical sounds).
  • the neck muscles become stronger during this months, at first babies can hold their heads up for few seconds while on their stomach . But by 3 months of age babies can support their head& begins to lift chest.
  • a tight ,clenched  fist is now an open hand grabbing & batting at objects.
  • a babies explore their hands by bringing them in front of their face &putting them in their mouths .

By the end of this period most babies have reached the following milestones:

  • Motor skill:
    • - raise head when on stomach & begins to lift chest.
    • Open & shut hands .
    • Bring hands to mouth.
    • Follows the moving objects.
  • Language skill:
    • make musical sounds.
  • Social skill:
    • -smiles at familiar faces.
    • -recognize parents.

From 4 to 6 months:

By the age 4 months, babies have developed a strong attachment for their parents.

  • a babies at this age usually smile & play with every one they meet.
  • they can also communicate better & will do more than simply cry when they are hungry or tired.
  • by this age babies can lift up their head & chest on forearms while on their stomach.
  • by the end of this period babies should be able to rollover from stomach to back start to sit with support.
  • a babies also focus on objects & movements .they also like to look around.

By the end of this period mast babies have reached the following milestones:-

  • Motor skill :  
    • holds head steadily .
    • Rollover from stomach to back.
    • sit up with support .
    • reached for objects with both hands together .
    • explore objects with hands & mouth.
  • Language skill:
    • laughs & oriented to voice.
  • Social skill:
    • like to look around.

From 6 to 9 months:

By this age, a babies will explore toys by touching them & putting them in their mouth.

  • they use their fingers & thumb in a( claw- like grip) to pick up objects.
  • by this age babies can rollover  from back to stomach & start to sit without support.
  • by the end of this period ,they can transfer objects from hand to hand ,then from side to side.
  • babies also discover their feet & toes during this stage, they also like looking at themselves in a mirror .& they continue to babble.

At the end of this period most babies have reached the following milestones:-

  • Motor skill
    • rolls over both stomach to back & back to stomach.
    • Sit without support.
    • Reaches the objects with one hand using raking grasp.
    • Transfer objects from hand to hand.
  • Language skill :
    • babbles like babababa.
  • Social skill :
    • recognizes that someone is stranger.

From 9 to 12 months

  • By the age of 9 months, babies begins to crawling usually between(7-10 months). Crawling is important for the development integrated communication between the two sides of brain.some babies never  crawl but rather scoot on their bottoms or move on their stomachs (like an army crawl).
  • after crawling is mastered- babies begin to pull themselves up to standing position .
  • they then begin to take some steps while holding on to something for support .
  • babies begin to use the pincer grasp(using the thumb & first or second finger to pick up smell object & holds bottle).
  • they begin to make recognizable syllables like (ma- da) which eventually turn into mama or dada .
  • they understand the meaning of NO & begin to follow simple commands.
  • they can also play gesture games .

By the end of this period, most babies have reach the following milestones:-

  • Motor skill:
    • crawls well.
    • Pulls self-up to standing position.
    • Walk holding on to furniture.
    • Stands without support &eventually takes a few steps without support & begins to walk.
    • Uses pincer grasp (thumb & first finger).
  • Language skill:
    • Says mama &dada.
    • Understand NO.
  • Social skill :
    • Use simple gestures such as shaking hand for NO or waving for bye.
    • Plays gestures games.
    • Explores environment.

12 month(1 year)

  • By this age babies can move at will. Rolling over ,sitting up &crawling. Picking up objects & standing are usually mastered in first year.
  • then babies may gradually take a few steps without holding on.
  • by age 12 months many babies say 1-2 words other than mama & dada clearly.
  • they have developed relationship with their parents.

By the end of this period, most babies have reach the following milestones:-

  • Motor skills :
    • may walk alone (from12 to 18 months).
    • Mature pincer grasp.
    • Crayon marks.
    • Object permanence.
  • Language skills :
    • They say 1-2 word other than mama &dada.
    • Follows simple command with gesture.
  • Social skills :
    • Imitates actions.
    • Comes when called.
    • Cooperates with dressing.

Child Development Stages 


Gross Motor

Fine Motor



1 month

-symmetric movements in supine.
-head flat in prone

-visually fixes on an object.
- hands in tight keeps fists.

-alerts to sound.

-regards face

2 month

-raise head in prone.
-begins to lift chest.

-follows moving object.

-smile in response to touch & voice.
gin to coo

-recognizes parent.

4 month

-holds head steadily.
- support on forearms in prone
- rolls from prone to supine.
-sits with support.

-reaches with bath arms to gather.
- hands to  midline.

- orients to voice.

-like to look around.

6 month

-feet in mouth in supine.
-rolls from supine to prone.
- sit without support.

-unilateral reaches.
-raking grasp.
-transfers object


Recognizes that someone is a stranger.

9 month

-crawls well.
- pulls to stand.
-starting to cruise .

-immature pincer grasp.
- holds bottle.
- throws object.

-says mama & dada.
-understand (NO)

-plays gestures games.
-explores environment.

12 month

-stand without support.
-may walk alone
(must by 12-18 month)

-mature pincer grasp.
- crayon marks.
-object permanence.

-(1-2 word) other than mama, dada.
-follows simple command with gesture.

-imitates actions.
-comes when called.
-cooperates with dressing.

15 month

-creeps up stairs
- walks back ward.
- runs.

-scribbles & builds towers of 2 blacks in imitation.

-(4-6 words)
-follows simple command without gesture.

-uses cup &spoon.

18 month

- throws objects.
- overhand while standing.

-scribbles spontaneously.
-builds tower of 3 block.

-(15-25 words.
-knows 5 body parts

-imitates parents.
-plays in company of children.

24 month

-walks up & down stairs one foot at a time.

-builds tower of 7 block.
- removes clothing.

-50 words
-2 word sentences.
- use pronouns inappropriately.

-parallel play.

3 years

-alternates feet going up the stairs.
- pedals tricycle.

-copies a circle.
- undresses completely.
-dresses partially.
-dries hands.

- >250 words
- 3 word sentences.
-all pronouns.

-group play
-knows full name, age & gender.